Mobcases Products Warranty

Lifetime Products Warranty

Mobcases is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all Mobcases brand products. We will provide coverage of our products for the extent of the products life. If a substantial defect in material or workmanship arises with your Mobcases product due to a manufacturers defect, case degradation or normal wear and tear AND a valid warranty claim is received by Mobcases, I will gladly replace your Mobcases product at no cost to you. In order for us to verify the product condition. You must return it to us. We do not cover return shipping. 

Standard Products Warranty

The standard warranty is 30 days from purchase. Mobcases warranties this product against all manufacturing defects and standard workmanship. We do not warranty or accept returns on any Mobcases products that have been damaged due to owner's negligence or abuse of product. The user takes all responsibility as to the use and exposure of their device and uses this product at their own risk. We manufacture Mobcases Products with the highest quality materials. The purchaser also agrees to use the product as intended by the manufacturer and agrees to follow all installation, maintenance, and operating instructions.

Mobcases and its authorized dealers and retailers do not under any circumstances cover the replacement and / or repair cost of any electronic device or other personal property that may be damaged due to the use of this or any other Mobcases products.

Mobcases will not be responsible for any items purchased from a third party other than it authorized re-sellers.

All Products Warranty

1. Original purchaser must present invoice / receipt or proof of purchase.

2. Warranty date starts from the date of purchase.

3. There are no CASH refunds.

4. Mobcases will either replace the original item purchased, or if the product is no longer available, you will be offered a replacement item of equal or lesser value than the original purchase price.

5. Mobcases will not cover the return shipping costs.

6. Mobcases reserved all right to make change or update to the warranty term and right to rejected false claim.

There is NO REFUND or WARRANTY at all if damage caused by negligence or item is destroyed or damaged by self-destruction.

Please enjoy our products as they were intended for use.